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How do you find the right match?

Author's notes: During the course of the past few years, this question has always been asked and my reply would seem more akin to a college professor trying to explain their entire syllabus in the span of a thirty minutes. So, with time in quarantine, I wanted to break it down in a way that would be easy for everyone to understand and absorb while breaking down some myths about the industry.

There are more than 7 million people in Hong Kong and, you know what? It's tough. While most other matchmakers are more than happy to take your money while promising you to find you the special someone, The Love Consultant aims to be more realistic with matching by balancing pragmatism with balancing of expectations with each individual. Why? Because everyone has their own story.

Instead of viewing each individual as a shaped block that fits nice and neatly into another similar shaped hole, the focus at The Love Consultant is to view your story as exclusively yours. Everyone has their own story of how they got to where they are now and each person's history is unique. It is then the matchmaker's job to listen and understand each individual to find someone that is right for them.

The tricky part about finding a match is breaking down the process. Most matchmaking companies in Hong Kong operate as a "membership only" style firm. This means, you, as a paying client, are exclusively matched to other paying clients. This is defined as purely database matching. Bigger matchmaking firms operate like this because it is easier for them, as a business, not because it's better for the client. The Love Consultant doesn't limit the scope of the search to database only but focuses on both database search as well as scouting (head hunting).

If the search requires finding a person who is "over 175cm, athletic, college-educated, dog lover, Asian, and with a good amount of relationship EQ", the first step is to search the database and see if there are any potential matches made from previous searches. Once that has been exhausted, then it's the matchmaker's job (in this case, my job) to go out into the wild jungle that is Hong Kong and search for you to find someone with those requirements.

If you want an easy to understand the process, I've made a neat infographic for everyone to share to their friends, family or any other singles to help educate them on matchmaking and how finding the right match works.

I'll probably try to do a little more writing about breaking down the myths of the dating industry from my past few years working as a matchmaker that can help shed a bit more light onto questions that I constantly get asked. Also, if you feel like you were able to learn something from this, please feel free to share it!

Love responsibly,

The Love Consultant

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