Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What steps do I have to take to start getting matched?

Before you get started, we recommend starting off with your basic information such as your age, height, hobbies and so forth. The questionnaire on the website should be able to help us get a better understanding of who you are and what you’re looking for.

Once this is done, we’ll be scheduling a short interview with you at a place that is more convenient for you where we will be asking more in-depth questions regarding previous relationships as well as what you’re looking for in a future one. This helps us hone in more on what kind of person your partner would look like. We use this information and first look at our passive clients to see if anyone there can provide a similar fit to you. If there are none, then we move on to working on executive search.

2. How long does a service like this last?

As this type of service is quite bespoke and custom made for each individual, we usually work with individuals for about 6 months (average).

3. Do I have to pay to be part of the matchmaking service?

No. You do not have to pay to be part of this service. We are proud to say that any

Individual who is single and eligible can sign up to be a passive client. This means that when there are people who are looking to be matched actively, we will be looking through all of the passive clients first before making the jump to executive search.

4. How are dates made?

When we set up dates, there are a few steps that we go through first. Each candidate is vetted first by us before any sort of meeting. This involves us sitting with them to verify their information. Other steps can include background searches and etc (at additional cost). After this, we work with both parties to find a common date, time and location.

5. If I sign up for this service, how many people do I get to meet?

After our interview processes with any individual seeking to actively take part in our service, we can usually guarantee a minimum number of quality individuals that we will be introducing to them. This number depends on each person’s list of requirements. If you are looking for someone who is single and that’s it, then the search for singles can be easier for us. However, if you have a very exhaustive and inflexible list of requirements, then we cannot guarantee a high number of candidates that we can send your way.

6. What if I don’t like the person I was matched with?

As much as we do not like it when it does, a bad match can happen. After every date, we do follow up meetings with both parties to gauge how the date went. If it was negative, we try to find the root of the issue and prevent a similar issue from arising in the future.

7. What if I have very specific things that I’m looking for in a partner?

We believe that not everyone can or should fit in neat, easy to understand boxes. What we look for in partners is different for each person. With our extensive interview process, we try to get as much information as possible about who would be a good match for that person. This includes everything. We try our best to service each person’s respective needs with an open-minded approach. However, there are things outside of our scope of expertise. Aside from this, we do our best to find a fit for each person.

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