What is Date Coaching?

Coaching is a word that has been thrown around to the point where it seems mostly synonymous with a high school basketball coach yelling into the ears of student-athletes. This isn’t the case here when it comes with working with a date coach.


It’s important to understand the key differences between date coaching and the art of seduction (relating to pick up artists). Pick up artists serve mostly as mentors to mentees while date coaches work side by side with their clients. Pick up artists focus on a strict guideline on everything ranging from how to seduce a girl at a bar to how to provide entertaining party tricks to unsuspecting men or women. Date coaching, on the other hand, does not try to be similar to this approach at all. Instead, the focus on date coaching is more focused on each individual’s unique skill set and understanding of dating to help them through dating whether in or out of a relationship.


As many of you have seen, date coaching works similarly to how Will Smith helps Kevin James in the 2005 romantic comedy “Hitch” without the focus of finding a girl for a one night stand. Date coaches work similarly to help singles understand more about themselves as well as how to make smarter choices in the single world by developing each person’s own unique relationship EQ. Ever had a situation where two singles seem amazing for each other but end up not working? This is where date coaching comes in. It’s about getting those individuals to click. This can be through understanding more about the differences in male and female behavior or simply etiquette classes. We understand that it is difficult out there and we help make dating easier.