What's Matchmaking really about?

Most of us have a rough idea of what matchmaking is like from movies such as “Hitch” or even TV shows such as “The Millionaire Matchmaker”. But is it the same?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is that when it comes to matchmaking, believe it not, is that it’s common to believe that there’s a list of questions that clients fill in and the matchmaker feeds it into a computer similar to how Adam West’s Batman feeds his information into his infamous Batcomputer. This is definitely not what really happens.

Matchmaking is a lot more complex and done very discreetly. When it comes to matchmaking with us, we take a serious look at two key: the physical traits of a potential match and their relationship EQ (Emotional Intelligence). The physical traits include everything that you may or not be familiar with. This means everything ranging from height, physical appearance, education, family background, and occupation. However, there is a bigger focus on relationship EQ.

Relationship EQ or how a person’s EQ is like in a relationship gives the matchmaker insight into many facets of a potential match’s relationship experience. This showcases the capabilities to empathize with your partner, to understand personal problem solving skills in a relationship, to manifest a sense of self awareness emotionally and physically and how they affect your own sense of self as well as your partner, the dating styles and preferences of individuals as well as their attachment styles as partners in relationships.

With these two key pillars, we do our best to present clients with the best match for them physically as well as emotionally with equal importance for both. We understand that sometimes a physical-based match may seem good on paper but that doesn’t always lead to the most fruitful and rewarding relationship. Everyone is different and here we respect those differences and give you the best match based on each person’s unique physical and emotional personality profile. You aren’t a number here. You’re a person.